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The Squad

With varying backgrounds and time in dance, all of our instructors have one thing in common: Culture matters. The average dance studio promotes a culture of appearances first, leading to comparisons, insecurities, and anxieties. Our students are groomed with respect, honor 

Portrait of Senior Woman

Max Johnson


Whether you’re looking to learn new techniques or work on your existing skills, Max Johnson will get you there. As an experienced and professional Choreographer, they’ve been an integral part of our team since the beginning.

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Male Portrait

River Watts


River Watts is our Instructor and one of our most loved team members, well respected by our staff and students alike. Their passion for dance and instilling confidence in their students is a true inspiration.

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Girl's Portrait

Jesse Neimus

Senior Instructor

Looking for a great Senior Instructor who can really motivate you? For many years, Jesse Neimus has been an influential part of our studio, providing dancers with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their dance goals.

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